Sea of Bees, Peggy Sue @ Northampton Square

Banstand Basking


Well, I got there - a few steps down City University, Northampton Square - late for Veronica Falls. I heard they were good. I had missed them...

Sea of Bees

Therefore, I tried to focus on the Sea of Bees, and tell myself "nevermind, you're enjoying this great band right now!". But this really wasn't the case...
I really didn't like SOB (and, sob it is!). With a voice part Cocorosie, part Joanna Newsom (who, by the way, I adore) and another part I dare say I have just forgot, singer/songwriter Jules Bee (and a blond friend in the backing vocals) presented a folk set too minimalistically weepy for my taste. So I left to go taste a burger instead.
Luckily, justice came in the form of Peggy Sue, which was a trio (and not the following girl holding the accordion).

Peggy Sue

With their smoky vocals, sexy slow drumming and emotive, whimsical originality - they were a big surprise.
I had already felt for their dark streak online and there, bare of their decorative studio accessories, they enchanted me - us, even more.
Softness, power, sensuality, childish naivety (drums, guitars, a violin that left for an interview, a cello, that afore-mentioned accordion...) all fit under that peculiarly hype for the afternoon Northampton gazebo.
Their second album Acrobats is due September, along with another gig at Lexington and a UK tour.
Can't wait.

Eco-friendly setlist
P.S. Somebody tell all photographers and camera men and women everywhere their creative legacy is NOT more important than the band themselves. More and more they (and I take pictures like a maniac as well, but I at least try not to get in everybody's face in the meantime) sit right next, in front, behind - you name it - the performers for that supposedly captivating shot that will buy them their fifteen minutes. Even when you have a job to upload videos on, we got news for you. WE DON'T CARE!!

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