Bleep 10 presents The Photography of Music @ The Barbican

© Alex de Mora

Keep an ear out for Convergence (18-27 April), a music and technology series focusing "on pioneers who use technology to innovate: to break the usual beat rather than getting stuck in a loop"...
It sounds good to me.

Presented by Shoreditch's Village Underground and splitting its range of events between the latter and other key East London venues, the series welcome the likes of  Fennesz, Fuck Buttons, 65 Days of Static, Ben Frost, Digitalism, Mount Kimbie and more - musicians, promoters, producers and technologists.

Gigs aside, I am personally taken by The Photography of Music talk taking place at the Barbican's Fountain Room, Friday the 25th (6-7pm, free admission), where photographers Shaun Bloodworth and Alex De Mora share (I would assume, given their exceptional music background) tips on how to create a larger-than-words portrait and a great record cover.

 Soundtrack: Convergence Mix 2014.

Record Store Day 2014

Music geeks unite

Adam Ant by LunixKing
On the countdown to Record Store Day 2014 the most committed of us have already started making way-too-long lists of what we just have to purchase (at a special price for the day) and all the record shops we need to visit, in the hopes that the queues won't be too long (fat chance) and we actually get to catch a good in-store, or a rare RSD release.
I have my eyes set, pretty predictably, on Soho's Sister Ray for live Adam Ant and Edwyn Collins (those, plus Slowclub will also join Rough Trade West) - and then I'll pretty much head towards any open record store in sight (luckily, the area has a few).
Go prepared, with good coffee, agony snacks and a friend with diametrically opposite music taste along (speaking from experience - I still can't get over that rare Nick Cave/Lydia Lunch live release my friend bagged, within seconds, right before my eyes).
Shop with your ears, a bit of your eyes and your occasional deaf-dumb-and-blind faith to your favourite childhood band.
May the weather and the queues be favorable..

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