The Oscillation @ Rough Trade East

Just a few days ago, I put on my headphones and played The Oscillation's latest album Veils (the second one in line). That moment gave birth to my desire (along with some drumming butterflies in my belly) to see them live. Little did I know that my wish would so quickly come true. Thursday, May 5th, The Oscillation hit the Rough Trade East stage to give us a fresh (and free) taste of their latest sonic panorama.
A lively palette of psychedelic colours took over the background, projecting those earlier butterflies from my belly to the wall opposite me. And then the band religiously took their place behind the keyboard, the bass, the drums, the guitar and started to add notes to the colourful dance deploying before us.
Ranging from The Stone Roses' drugged vocals to The Verve's more esoteric dragged jams (at least those are the references that kept ringing in my head in this particular set), the band proved it possesses maturity, sophistication and the ability to lose themselves in the music. 
Unfortunately, though, without always taking us with them. When they were clearly loving what they were doing, I felt a distance building between them and the audience (maybe it's the latter to blame, as it invariably kept a few feet of safety from the stage since the very beginning). Despite the power of sound (both in volume and in craftsmanship) a wall stopped the feeling right in front of them.
I wouldn't judge them from this one gig, though. 
First of all, the word of mouth that they have built a fanbase around the world thanks to those powerful live moments has convinced me that there's more to it, yes. 
Secondly, just seeing a band that favours its' inner journey rather than a pompous and vacant stage presence is still a winner. 
photography: Danai Molocha
And thirdly, I was there under those huge headphones, I listened carefully to the sounds (the way I had with their promising debut) - the drones, the melodies, the esoteric and the outgoing, and there's definitely a foursome that knows how to take care of its music. If that sometimes happens at our own expense, we forgive them.

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