Tin Pan Alley or Alley Full of Tin?

London's historic Tin Pan Alley will shut off for utter make-over come October 2014, with the trademark music shops and businesses on Denmark Street having to close their doors, for reconstruction purposes, over a period of at least six months. Chief among them, the historic 12 Club, which wants to make sure that its long history and support to local and international music ambassadors continues for years to come.
An article on this month's Mojo highlights some of the Tin Pan Alley history, which dates back in the 17th century. You can also take the matter into your hands and sign the relevant petition that shows your support. London has seen enough renovation lately with only the rich and the richer in mind.
It's high time we started a revolution conducted under the blitz of electric guitars.

Soundtrack: Iron Man by Black Sabbath, who have recorded, among others, on Denmark Street.

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