Dr. Blues and The Prescription @ Off Broadway

Blues Medicine


In an effort to establish this elegantly laid back and atmospheric Broadway Market haunt as a home for live music, this dedicated blues gang gathered for a special show on this warm Sunday night, in the cosy basement.

Ex-The Enforcers Tim Hill took the place of Mike Mc Keon on the vocals and harp, leading the Dr. Blue journey into their Texas and Chicago Blues.

Guest saxophonist Olivier Saurin and guitarist Ray Miller also shared stage space with band regulars Dave Piggott on guitar, Pete Feldon on bass and Pete Abernethy on drums, while a couple of Swing Patrol dancers took the dance floor.

Songs like opener Riding in the Moonlight and Talk To Me Baby gave us a characteristic taste of the band’s energetic blues recipe, while the Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Caledonia medley would definitely count among the highlights. However, they didn’t hold the younger crowd in the room for long, who seemed unable to engage with the less-than-trendy blues culture.

In all fairness, Tim Hill often lacked the verve needed for some of Dr. Blue’s livelier songs. But his passion was obvious on the harp and a couple of slower, more heartfelt songs which, along with some guitar solos, ultimately stole the show.

Review and photography by Danai Molocha for Live At Your Local  http://www.liveatyourlocal.org.uk

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