BlakMagikSociety & Hotgothic @ Ryans Bar

Hot punk society


A full moon on an August Friday night should get the wild side out; all the more likely at a Ryan’s Bar Punk special.
The basement was still calm when one-man band,  Duck & Weave came out with his guitar. He warmed up the room with a series of riot jokes and Acoustic Punk noise, occasionally reminiscent of Brit troubadour Patrick Fitzgerald.
Then BlakMagiKSociety got on stage and people swarmed 'round.   A trio with guitars, percussion and an i-phone kept up the beat.  Instantly heating up the air with a mix of Soul Punk, Psychedelic Garage tunes and a couple of rather romantic Doo-Wop chants.
Hotgothic, on the other hand, were stripped of all romanticism focusing on upbeat tunes, a sound-defining bass and a lot of bad language. They could've just as easily been found in a Berlin basement opening for Electropunk bands like Lesbians On Ecstasy.
Maybe only a few of us were left there near the end,  but we were all singing along and dancing.

Review and photography by Danai Molocha, aka rockets4solitude, for Live At Your Local

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