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Ane Brun
 Let me get this straight... How does Ane Brun manage to transform from a dark exotic elf into a lyrical mammal singing carefree in the Nordic shores, sometimes within the same song? The deep musicality and outlandishness of her melodies make her work intriguing, for the most part; yet, at times, her seemingly innocent and naive lyricism (which I'm sure, behind the surface, it's not...) make it hard to listen to her at all.
Linnea Olsson
David Byrne played One (from 2011's It All Starts With One) on a loop on his online radio ( - and deservingly so. A talented backing band (great timing on the quirky harmonies and melodic atmospheres), along with impeccable projections and lighting moods contributed to a show that was both beautiful to listen and to look at. I admire Ane in songs like To Let Myself Go ( But, then, comes Do You Remember (; and though I love the video's style, it's way too peasant opera for my taste...
Dear Ane, excuse my meanness - I wouldn't even write down these lines if I thought you weren't worth it. (that's the best I can say...).
Gemma Ray
Opening act Linnea Olsson also(n) balanced dangerously between gifted and... allergy-inducing. More than once, I found her lyrics a bit simplistic, but her cello counted for quite a few interesting moments. Her debut album Ah! is out now (and here's the single of the same name
As for support No2 Gemma Ray, I had high expectations... 2010's It's A Shame About Gemma Ray held a bunch of sinister, sensually menacing covers of Shirley Bassey's Big Spender (, or Etta James' I'd Rather Go Blind ( - and there was also some Gun Club and Sonic Youth in there; stuff that easily made me adore her. And none other than Monsieur Jimmy Page himself is a fan. Unfortunately, I'm under the impression that, in her new release Island Fire, her noir sensibilities (and the fire, for that matter), have subsided a little. I have yet to listen to the CD itself to have an honest opinion but, despite the smashing reviews, I was slightly let down.

Review by Danai Molocha - photography by the web talented and (consciously or not) generous artists.

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