Global Noise Attack (and a few other people) @ The Elecrtrowerkz

Sonic Attack


A rainy Saturday was ideal for a marathon electro-industrial night. Four bands alternated black eyeliner with menacing masks and quirky outfits, building up the energy for the coming Slimelight after-party. 
Ghost in the Static opened up theatrically, enhancing their electro-industrial mix with Goth looks inspired by The Crow.
 Solo Null White combined futuristic electronics with keyboards.  Luckily he wasn't deterred by persisting technical problems.
Bad sound tried to get in the way of Global Noise Attack's Goth extravaganza. But nothing could stop them..

Purposefully exhibitionist frontman Brian Stewart led the band through industrial GNA classics, like
Shapeshifter, Memories and Desperate Culture.
 The frontman wandered around, physically engaging the crowd in the performance, while the bass and the guitar kept up with the dynamic on-stage attack.
Suddenly, spirited Mexican music took over and a colorful Piñata – a papier-mâché donkey, full of sweets - got smashed over our heads. A spectacular close to the show.
Headliners Dreams Divide had a tough act to follow; and they were definitely less eye-catching. But their uplifting energy and melodic electro beats, like Complex and Faces, filled up the dance floor. 

 Review and photography of GNA by Danai Molocha for Live At Your Local,