Aisha Orazbayeva @ The Star of Kings

Fiddler in the basement


A typically eclectic musical evening, organized by Nonclassical label, opened with electronic sounds by DJ Richard Lannoy.
Swiss percussionist Serge Vuille soon silenced all chatter with whimsical pieces by Donatoni and Cage, for vibraphone and snare drum respectively.  Ripping off pieces of tape from a drum membrane couldn't help but draw attention; but it was performed with a faultless sense of timing, and fit perfectly into his harmonious puzzle.
Standing alone in front of the Star of Kings basement's bare brick walls, violinist Aisha Orazbayeva impressively mastered pieces by Feldman and Donatoni,  blending idiosyncratic intensity and esoteric beauty. Her debut album Outside, which was being celebrated this night, was movingly represented by a Russian acappella song. And for the grand finale violinist Eloisa Fleur Thom joined her in a Bartok violin duet, rich in sonic colour and melodic tones.
As always with Nonclassical events, the atmosphere was decisively laid back, but full of adventurous, thought-provoking sounds.

Review and photography by Danai Molocha for

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