Katy B @ Shepherd's Bush Empire

Easy pleased me


A Katy B gig is not what I would typically cover, but here I am.
I would also like to make clear that I don't have any particular favours for the Empire, I just happen to work there. And I see about 80% of the gigs; therefore a high number of Empire reviews.
Let us begin... Given the share of publicity that has been given to fairly new singer/songwriter Katy B - along with the other talented Londoner of the r&b-soul-etc ilk, Jessie J - I had to see for myself what she had to offer.
The set was impressive on its own, with a giant screen as a backdrop plus an additional construction, with a double set of stairs on either end. When Katy came out, ready to set the crowd on fire, it kinda put me off. If there's something guaranteed to piss me off at a gig, is mass clapping and mid-song cheering. And she did everything to get it - and in high volume.
But despite her typical diva-before-the-crowds techniques, Katy is such a girl-next-door figure making the stage - and the venue whole -  her home. A truly beautiful r&b-and-the-lot voice rang across the three levels of the Empire.
And her love for what she does made me, quite simply, like her songs - Easy Please Me, Lights On (the hit single feat. Ms Dynamite), Katy On A Mission (ain't she?). Well, for a light night out, at least (or a backing soundtrack while at work).
All in all, better than I thought. Cheers.

Review (with photography borrowed from the web) by Danai Molocha.

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