Other Lives @ Shepherd's Bush Empire

Other headliners...


 First of all, the night headlined the English indie rockers Chapel Club. Second, was the place that Oklahoma's melody masters Other Lives appeared on stage (after boring and, frankly, what-the-hell-are-they-doing-here-? first support band Elephant. Their recorded staff doesn't sound that bad, by the way...).
A few days after Other Lives' performance at Iceland's Airwaves (the festival you just have to go to), they came to London second in line - and boy did they deserve the top spot!
Powerfully intricate, soulful folk harmonies were woven together by means of guitars, percussion, cello and keys in a modern fairy tale of real life beauty and drama. Excerpts from their sophomore album Tamer Animals, like For 12 or Dust Bowl III don't purposefully try any tricks to steal your attention - but, humbly, they are king.
Quite simply, these guys are gorgeous.
For whoever, sadly, man, wasn't there, check out their live craftsmanship at www.otherlives.com, via the indie super-blog's hearya.com live sessions.

Review (with photography kindly borrowed again from the web) by Danai Molocha

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