Run Fast... towards The Julie Ruin

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Fresh out of the European premiere of The Punk Singer, Sini Anderson's new documentary about the heart (and feast) of the riot grrrl movement Kathleen Hanna, which premiered this weekend at the 57th BFI London Film Festival, I got into The Julie Ruin's debut record Run Fast - on the shelves since the 3rd of September.
Hanna added a the to the name of the solo project that followed the break-up of Bikini Kill - the band who, almost single-handedly pioneered riot grrrl - re-uniting with BK's Kathi Wilcox and three other very respectable-looking band members. The sound is a newly rebellious screaming electro with mean guitars - and it works.
Following is The Julie Ruin's first video Oh Come On (zoom in on the amazing Kenny Mellman's pink Divine shirt. Respect.)...

...Plus an enlightening interview and live footage here, courtesy of pitchforktv. As for The Punk Singer, it's an incredible work, as is the woman that triggered it.
Chapter Hanna to be continued in a follow-up article - review of the above doc included.

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