Doctor Blue & The Prescription, Meg Cavanaugh @ Ryans Bar

The blues Musketeers


The weather was whimsical outside, but it was all warm in the Ryans Bar basement.
Meg Cavanaugh and her guitar, with a little help from Doctor Blue's bassist and guitarist, got up on stage to face only a handful of attendees; but she wasn't the one to shy away. Her selection of Roots Rock ballads and a voice alternating from raspy to sweet soon found a bunch of new fans. Reminiscent at times of Sheryl Crow or Norah Jones, the American singer/songwriter warmed up the “cosy basement” (or “sleazy dive”, as a fan teased her!) with babbly introductions and originals from her CD The Musketeers Handbook.

She has become the occasional fourth Musketeer to the Doctor Blue & The Prescription three.   They took over and raised the temperature with a series of electric Rhythm 'n' Blues. Muddy Waters classics, such as “Mannish Boy” and “Got My Mojo Working”, along with a Chicago-Texas mix and tons of the typical Blues harp sound fired the place up.
Maybe it was the band's colourful shirts, or simply the loud, hot music, but whether we were in London or Mississippi, you couldn't really tell!

Review and photography from Danai Molocha, a.k.a. rockets4solitude, for Live At Your Local

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