Cults @ Rough Trade East

Most Wanted


I  hadn't heard of Cults till their Album of the Month slot at Rough Trade East put them in the picture (and all over the place).
The New York duo and their accompanying musicians took over the stage and earned our respect with the following talents:
1) To have a sense of humour. Especially that Mr Brian Oblivion. It doesn't come easy with up-and-coming bands. They're way too serious crawling into their game of fame and fortune to even think of cracking a joke.

  2) To have the looks of Keira Knightley - the Madeline Follin indie slacker way; and for some strange reason...
3) To sing like a much soulful and introspective Gwen Stefani - or where she would have been if she hadn't been too busy playing Sports Spice-the ska version and American show-off Harajukus. And...
4) To actually bring to mind vocals a la Madonna's Like A Virgin phase - down to earth and black clad. And with a '60s girl-group crush.

That said, and even though the above qualities draw me in, their romantic pop side isn't quite my cuppa. Luckily, there's a dark, menacing streak lurking here that gives Cults all the edge they need.
...And when Madeline sings up high, heart in hands, then yeah, we really Know What She Means.

The kids are alright.

Photography by rockets4solitude

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