A Taste of Lola Marsh's Debut Remember Roses

Israeli pop-folk duo Lola Marsh sweeped indie fans away with the nostalgic imagery of 2016 EP You're Mine. Now (as in June 9th 2017) the time has come for their full-length debut Remember Roses, featuring the EP's most delicious bits, while adding seductively hazy narratives and lush arrangements.

The video for You'Re Mine plants Lola Marsh in the Middle Eastern desertscape, letting Gil Landau's smart melodies and Yael Shoshana Cohen's sensual, somewhat sinister vocals here fully blossom. 

Look out also for the dark and lyrical She's A Rainbow, the alluring Sirens and the playful Wishing Girl - better even if you hear them live with a full band somewhere between Vienna, Los Angeles and Athens, Greece

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