Bluewave on the rocks

So, here we are, in the dead of winter in the North hemisphere, yearning for Mr. Jaar's sexy bluewave that will drop us back on that beach, with the ice drinks, lazy makeshift beds and "linen curtains flowing high over the white sand", as a friend eloquently put it.
With a truckload of darkwave shindigs to attend by the end of May - from Current 93 (8/2) to Sex Gang Children (24/5) via a solo Michael Gira (12/3), I wouldn't mind a few shy rays of sun, awash with Mr Jaar's mesmerising low beats.

But low beats takes him also to places of magnificent contemporary beauty - and they are introvert, far away from that sandy beach, in that rainy leafy park. But you have to let go..

..As for those trapped behind the urban walls, there's always some virtual hanging at Matthew Herbert's Cafe de Flore.

Blue is the warmest colour...

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