Listen to the Banned

This is definitely not a new collection, but I just bumped into it while writing an article on Marcel Khalife: The Rebellious Master of the Lebanese Oud for The Culture Trip.

Listen to the Banned is a collection of music that "makes dictators tremble and fundamentalists angry", packed with artists (Palestinian Kamilya Jubran, Afghan Farhad Darya, Western Sahara's Aziza Brahim and more) who have been censored, persecuted, taken to court, imprisoned and even tortured for their music. It is a record that celebrates and creatively reflects on freedom of expression, presented by artist and human rights activist Deeyah and Freemuse.

 Check out the video for Aziza Brahim's Regreso here:

...And even though this is not what got Marcel Khalife's music banned, I love the oud master's sheer avant gardism in his stage collaboration with his two sons:

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