Make some noise!

Kind of loud events coming up in London

Well, I haven't quite checked out all of the upcoming gigs yet (who dares? This music summer is
looking brutal for the poor), but here's where I'll be going - for now.

Mudhoney (8/6, The Forum)
I'm not actually going there, just cause I'll be out of town.
 I surely wish I did.
 I have yet to listen to their 9th studio release Vanishing Point in its entirety, but parts of it - I know - they rock.

Chelsea Light Moving (14/6, Village
 The newly single Mr Moore got a new cool female bassist, and a couple of fellow crazy men following his current dream of wandering London, purposefully walking up and down Stoke Newington High Street to meet friends in his new favourite hangouts.

Pissed Jeans (5/7)
I hear PJ have already released four records.
And I just found out about them, accidentally looking through All Tomorrow's Parties events - highly, highly beneficial, once more..
Their latest, Honeys, on Sub Pop is more "refined", according to their label; for their standards, I presume. Check out the video on the left - and I'm taking bets on how refined you think Pissed Jeans can really get..

John Zorn (12/7, Barbican Hall). The avant garde's JZ is not just noisy. He's, officially, "experimental". And apart from his Kristallnacht and Morricone (don't you dare ignore The Big Gundown), he knows how to split your ears. For Zorn@60, Mike Patton and Marc Ribot (who I missed when he last played London, now, here's a splendid opportunity to catch up!) join him on stage - hopefully to share, apart from their insatiable eclecticism, a few mean shrieks and guitars.

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