Szjerdene, & Official Burnt Toast @ Favela Chic

Pop poetics


There's always promise in one of DJ Nick Luscombe's Flomotion events – a name that stands both for his long-running radio show and his successful live and club nights. The music menu for this evening was tastes of Soulful Pop and Alt Hip Hop, with a selection of Jazz spice.
East London singer Szjerdene's voice and presence are imposing from the start. A modern day Pop muse in a long beige dress, balancing maturity and sweet eroticism all in one go. With influences from her childhood obsession, Mariah Carey, blended with the classic vocals of Sarah Vaughan, it lingers between R & B and contemplative Jazz.
Less people hang around to welcome Official Burnt Toast. MC Adrian Lawrence and his band complemented Szjerdene's sensual chant with spoken word from the streets. Sinister Hip Hop rhythms criss-crossed with poetic narrative, painting the night with a sophisticated underground vibe- admittedly less becoming to a lightheaded Tuesday night audience.
The two bands formed a Pop style yin and yang: Contradictory, but fresh and smart in style.

Review and photography by Danai Molocha, aka rockets4solitude, for Live At Your Local

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