Neil Cowley Trio, Polar Bear @ Village Underground

Spitalfields Music Crash 


photo: James Berry
 Two bands similar in philosophy but different in attitude joined the Village Underground stage, courtesy of the Spitafields Summer Music Festival.
As an extrovert and experimentalist, pianist Neil Cowley showed himself to be a unique entertainer. Meddling catchy extracts from his third album, Radio Silence and tunes that wittily “may be called Spitafields Road Crash”, he gave a sweeping rollercoaster performance. His whimsical piano dynamics met with an equally playful double bass and drums in a show that, much to the audience's delight, remained unpredictable throughout.

photo: James Berry

Embracing the more esoteric and idiosyncratic aspect of jazz, Polar Bear managed to successfully juggle a plethora of sounds: Two saxophones, drums, guitar, double bass, laptop and the odd... balloon interweaved their unusual noises and melodies, each adding a piece to the band's adventurous music puzzle.
From Cowley's comic flair and unbeatable energy to the Bear's mystical film noir atmospheres, the night covered a sonic palette full of colour – and, above all, exceptional British talent, much to Spitafields Music credits. Be sure to catch them live - wherever you are.
Review by Danai Molocha, a.k.a. rockets4solitude, for Live At Your Local,

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