The Lucky Strikes @ Core Arts


The party started early on Friday night at Core, with live bands (such as Hackney-bred folkies Troubadour Rose) gradually warming up the spacious room for the evening's headliners, The Lucky Strikes. Their new album Gabriel Forgive My 22 Sins, gave us good enough reason for celebration.

Interweaving traditional folk sounds from their native fish village Leigh-on-Sea and classic Blues/Rock/Americana influences, from Leadbelly to Neil Young, The Lucky Strikes' music switched from the emotive power of a protest song to the pure fun of a local shindig.  The band's heroes were, without a doubt, spiritually and musically present.

Despite the temporary absence of their fifth member (Wild Jim Wilson in the fiddle and the banjo), Mat Boulter's strong timber and Dave Giles passionate guitar, keys and accordion combined with Paul Ambrose's bass and Will Bray's drums, brought their rich, uplifting collection of old and new songs into full effect. A lot of the songs were an early preview of their next album.

Judging from these songs, The Lucky Strikes have a good few years – and more live parties – lined up ahead of them.

Review by Danai Molocha, a.k.a. rockets4solitude, as published at

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